All string spintops from all over the world.

If the spinning top you're looking for need a string, then you should find it here!

We categorize spin tops in 3 different sections:

  • Trick spintops are used as a skilltoy you compare to yoyos and diabolos.
  • Traditional spintops are used to fight or just to throw.
  • Target spintops are generaly used for long range targeting.

But you can find some tops in different sections because they can be used in several ways.



  • Trick

    Spintops, also called acrobatic spin tops, juggling tops, peg tops or even circus tops, all these names design spinning tops made for tricks...

    In our Learning section you'll find, among others, series of tutorials to learn basic and important steps tricks along with our "Spintricks awards" system where you'll collect pins while learning new tricks...

    You might become a great freestyler and then make your own videos...

    Made of wood, resina or plastic, these tops are essentially thrown with a string and are used like a circus skilltoy.

  • Traditional

    Traditional spinning tops are generaly made of wood and metal, and are mainly used for top fighting.

    This section shows whip tops and traditional tops in the cultural meaning: peg tops still played today in some countries or in traditional feasts where people still use this antic skilltoy.

    This game has been played during thousands of years all over the world, indeed, there is no country that didn't play tops once.

    Detailed rules differ from a country to another, or even from a region to another, but the main goal is basicaly to eject opponent's tops from the game arena, by throwing your's (you top has to spin on it's tip).

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