Accessories for all your spinning tops, peg tops, trick tops (spintops) or even whip tops.

Here are original parts, strings, buttons, tips and replacement bearings for your spintops!



  • Strings

    No top without string, as important as the spintop itself.

    Be careful to braid rotation!

    Left handed should always use a "left handed" braided string or it will unbraid itself until being shortly unusable.

    Be sure to select throwing hand before adding a string to your cart.

    All the strings you need are here.

  • Tips

    There are almost as many different spinning top tips as there are tops.

    Depending the shape, they can be straight as a nail or specific for tricks.

    Spare tips, upgraded tips or bearing mounted tips are available here according to your needs.

    You may also get tips to make your own spintops!

  • Buttons

    What's keeping string in your hand.

    Advanced players have their own preferences, the size and the weight of the button can strongly impact spintop play.

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