Spintops, also called acrobatic spin tops, juggling tops, peg tops or even circus tops, all these names design spinning tops made for tricks...

In our Learning section you'll find, among others, series of tutorials to learn basic and important steps tricks along with our "Spintricks awards" system where you'll collect pins while learning new tricks...

You might become a great freestyler and then make your own videos...

Made of wood, resina or plastic, these tops are essentially thrown with a string and are used like a circus skilltoy.

Tricks Spintops


  • High Grade

    High quality spintops made for tricks.

    These spinning tops are the best quality tricks tops ever!

    High quality finished and balanced, with high-grade durable materials and high-tech concepts, these spintops are the best choice to progress and to perform tricks.

  • Fixed Tip

    Spinning tops with fixed tip, the most usual and common spintop tips.

    Used by players to regenerate the spin and, doing so, keep it in constant rotation.

    A lot of tricks based on these tips and a knot around, are possible, best example is the Wirewalker trick.

    Here is an advanced version:

  • Bearing tip

    Bearing mounted tips allow you to spin it longer, and to access to next level magic tricks!

    These tops allow you many other tricks, not even possible with a fixed tip such as the "Gyroscopic Flop":

  • Hybrid tip

    Spintops with switchable tips.

    Switch from fixed tip to a bearing mounted one in few seconds!

    The top of the top's technology. One top rules them all!

  • Koma

    Komas are traditionaly used for performing, they are now best choice forJapan style performances.

    In this section there are modern versions and new generation komas, achieve your next goal in Japanese style juggling.

    Classic versions in the Traditional/japanese/koma section..

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